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About In through the Out Ear

“There are two kinds of music — good music and bad music.”

This quote or its variations have been attributed to Duke Ellington, Rossini, Louis Armstrong, Richard Strauss, and the Fabulous Thunderbirds’ Jimmy Vaughan. It sums up the underlying principle of this site. However, I should add that despite the heaps of bad music around, I don’t believe there is a bad type of music because all of them started from somewhere pure.

In through the Out Ear is dedicated to people who approach music with fresh ears, hearing things that others miss. Some are well-known, some are obscure or forgotten, and many cross genres to the point where classification becomes a difficult task. (All rights reserved on all copy, copyright Michael Chouinard)

One Comment
  1. Kenny G permalink

    I am green with envy in regards to your Awe-stin musical adventure … great blog and I’ll be coming back for more

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